Monday, August 31, 2015

An Egyptian Pop Singer Worth Listening To....Soma

Soma makes great pop songs, thanks to her producer, Nasr Mahrous. But also thanks to him, the world knows little about her. Not sure what it's, but Nasr and his music label "Free Music" keep their artists on a short-leash.

That means they mange them well, and make really amazing records for them--the Mahrous household is one of the biggest names in Egyptian pop music. So that means they make an artist, and get to tell them where to go as in events and private functions that they split with the artists. The dozen artist with the label stay because Nasr is a one stop shop for all for their music needs. Naser writes, composes, arranged, produces directs their music videos and promotes them.

Soma is one of his top female performers. And they are releasing her in a music video where she seems to take on a new sleek look with funky vibe. I consider her one of the nicest vocalists in Egyptian pop, she just entertains....and now she is ready to enter more homes. I wish Nasr would aim for a broader audience. He could do well outside of that place. I say this because none of his artists appear in mega concerts outside of the republic of Egypt.

Nasr makes cool songs that are turned into catchphrases and cultural nuggets....Soma will do that here.
SOMA - AM Al Rawish soon I سوما - عم الروش برومو قريبا


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