Monday, August 31, 2015

Mona Milan, The Aftermath Of A Breakup

Mona Milan is heartbroken and she is all tears in her latest song and music video, she is crying about a recent breakup she had. The Lebanese singer does have an album that she has been working on, but due to some family emergency she took some time off. She has already collaborate with few A list composers and lyricists. Had I not known she is Lebanese, I would have guessed she is Syrian or Egyptian.

Essam Karika wrote the music for this  song? I do not believe it. I like her voice, I may not like the song or the topic, but I appreciate the sense of hope.
Fataht Einey - Ana Baadak - Mona Milan فتحت عنيا - انا بعدك - منى ميلان


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