Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The New Hamaki Album Arrives...It Deserves Five Stars!

15 full tracks of pop songs from all the best craftsmen working in Egyptian music industry. Why? Because one Hamaki is nice guy, people like to work with him. He is a savvy singer who makes anything better. And third he can afford them. "Omroh Ma Yeghib" is something to be proud of. Take for example hip lyricist Amir Teima he has six tracks with Hamaki, that's a strong duo. I wanted this album to be a perfect one and Hamaki did not disappoint. He took his time and gave anyone who listens to music--not just Arabic pop a reason to smile.

You will certainly, get your money's worth! 15 awesome fresh tracks that offer emotional complexity, joy, dance tears, breakup, happy ending, and sand ones. Here are all the tracks on Hamaki's album, you can enjoy them here. This serves as his seventh album to date and though his albums would usually have 10 to 12 songs. This album is a bit more generous.

I will be able to give a better review tomorrow, but this could not wait. Nogoom Records may not have many stars, but Hamaki is their alpha artist. Not many artist can produce an album with 15 tracks, Hamaki just did and perhaps the release date is far form ideal, it's still summer and Hamaki wants to be at you party and with you when you cry yourself to bed.

I just been listening to the album on my way to work and to be frank, this is some of the best pop music Egypt has given us in a really long time. The music is awesome, not just noise made by monkeys with a computer. Hamaki curated a perfect album and each of these 15 songs is a gem. Not a bad song. Sure, some of them are more exciting than others, but even the weak songs are still amazing. Hamaki is removing the completion here and owning the market, he made a good album which will place him to be the next big thing in Arabic pop. Expect to see Hamaki everywhere in the next few months.

Enjoy them all here
01.Agmal Youm
02.Ana Serraha
03.Baedna Leh
04.El Ghaly Nasiny
05.Elly Ekhtaroh Albi
06.Enta Habibi
07.Kan We Kan
08.Kanet Henak
09.Ma Balash
12.Nesmet Shouq
13.Omroh Ma Yeghib
14.Saber Ala Hali
15.Yally Zaalan

Hamaki - Agmal Youm / حماقي - أجمل يوم