Saturday, August 22, 2015

Watch: The 'Cinderella' of the Egyptian Cinema Soad Hosny Is Perfection

Souad Hosny is Egyptian film actress who was one of the most influential Middle-Eastern actresses in the 1960s. She received her first movie role in the 1959 film Hassan and Na’ima.

Many spoke of her free-spirit, reflected in her natural smile, and her bashful spirit. Her reputed shyness in real life contrasted highly with her television presence, which was filled with life and vigor. Her soft beauty struck and inspired many artists.

Among her most celebrated films are Khaly Balak Men Zouzou (Take Care of Zouzou), Ala Man Natlok El Rosas (On Whom Do We Shoot Our Bullets, 1975), El Kahera 30 (Cairo 30) Al Karnak (1975) as well as many films. So what worked well for her is that she mas perfected her acting, has mastered the art of sensing and has so much energy to do live theater and shows.

The clip below will demonstrate why Soad is such a legend and an icon like no other. She puts all these attributes on display.  
يا صيادين بحر الهوى _ سعاد حسنى


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