Friday, August 28, 2015

New Song By The Iconic Iraqi Singer Kadim Al Sahir Salutes Iraq's Youth (Video)

Kadem Al Saher used to be an idealist singer. He is no longer that way. how could you be positive, upbeat when the only news form Iraqi is heartbreaking. But while the country has been in turmoil for decades, Kadem has a new on for the youth in Iraq.

He is calling on them to raise up and build and not to give up home. The chorus for this song seems to be no short on legends. The song plays like a typical national anthem, Kadem chose to go for the casual look here. He sounds at his finest since 2009. It's a very good song from an Iraqi who loves that land despite the chaos and bloodbath.

Not sure what inspires this song, the timing is interesting. Maybe it has to do with the calls for change in Iraq who revolted against their rotten government and really brought about change without unleashing a civil war.
كاظم الساهر شباب العراق

كاظم الساهر شباب العراق ، أغنية وطنية ، عرضت للمرة الأولى يوم الجمعة 28-8-2015


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