Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hisham El Hajj, The Real All-Lebanese Singer

One of the most underrated vocalist in Lebanon is none other than Hisham El Hajj. He is a grown up whose very Lebanese songs appeal the Lebanese living in the diaspora. This is why it surprises no one that he travels the world performing for thousands of his country men living abroad. He is the authntic voice they need. That means, he is not about doing what's popular or what the radio wants, but in stead making original songs that feel unique and genuine.

Hisham's formula is about the Lebanese Mawal. To allow his fans to soak in and then launch into the upbeat dance material. Something is exciting about Hisham, the artist who have been making music for a decade or so.  His songs sound like they come the 80s, a more real time that required raw talent and less image and show. 
Hisham El Hajj - Layli w Laylat [Lyric Video] / هشام الحاج - ليلي وليلات


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