Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Lovely Yara Goes To War With Resourceful Jad Shwery @yara_lb @JadShwery

Yara strikes me as a sweet person inside out. She comes across as that delicate butterfly with a big heart. She also works like a busy bee and constantly releasing new songs in various dialects. Here's her latest single and it's in that dialect she has perfected---Khaleejy. Un der the direction of Jad Shwery all things are possible.

Yara has never done anything to take away form her being a classy lady who only does classy songs and looks. I like the music video for her "Sah BtadenaThe storyboard is about love caught in the midst of war. Believable acting and great lyrics wrap the song. Memories of war haunt those who wage it, inside some what looks like a historic palace Yara is awaiting the return of her loved one.

Are we not sick of carnage yet? I think we all are. Yara sounds refined here and the story seems too real. Again, Jad Shwery does a magical trick and show that he too can transform his career. He is no longer the guy to do raunchy music videos. He is still doing sexy work but with class, grace and good-taste. This is a perfect paring between Yara and Jad, together they brought out the fireworks.

Yara is one of the very few select members of those non Khaleejy artists who have actually enriched that regions' music by adding to it not just cashing a check. Enjoy this collaboration....   
Yara - Sah Btadena [Music Video] - يارا - صح ابتدينا


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