Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Gorgeous Shayma Helali Brings Out Class, Grace and Charm @shaymahelali

Being cool means the lack of trying. This is why I consider Tunisian pop diva Shayma Helali one of the coolest singers out there. She is a gorgeous artists inside out. But it's her voice that distinguishes her from the pack. Shayma Helali teased us last week with anew music video and a new single, now we have the gift and it really reminds me of the time the late Zikrah sang Khaleeji dialect.

Many wish they could pull off a stunning performance in that difficult to grasp dialect, I think few artists have gotten it, and this list just grew with the name of Shayma Helali whose song hits high marks. Sure, she did other songs before in the Gulf dialect, they were good. This once though she aimed for greatness and she got it.

This is a love poem that's heavy on meaning, emotions and details, complimented by an amazing show of music that transforms the song into a perfect package--we have composer, Talal to think for that. Shayma sports half a dozen of looks and styles for the song and boy does she look like a magician? It's a grownup song that spices up her music career and opens one more door into the talent of this delightful and graceful artist.

I think this has been filmed in Turkey?  The rain, the places, the water and just about ever detail is nothing short of spectacular. The song starts slow, allowing the listener to warm up and then the song picks speed and marches on.
Shayma Helali Clip Ehssasi | شيما هلالي - إحساسي


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