Monday, August 24, 2015

The Charismatic Shahinaz Diaa Churns A New Single " Ana Ba3sha2o"

Star Academy Shahinaz Diaa is still riding on the publicity wave, she already did a number of songs for popular films. She has released half a dozen singles that went on to become hits. She pulls the girl in love so very well, and every song means a new picture to go with it. This latest song of hers has music form the talented Islam Zaki--who now sings as well.

This is a wedding song from a good girl who prays to God to keep her loved ones close by her side. I think her voice is good, she does what she can and despite the odds she is still working--not an easy thing to do in today's Egypt.

Also it's not easy for a woman from the East to proclaim her love to the public. Ms. Diaa does it her and does it so loudly.    

Shahinaz Diaa - Ana Ba3sha2o / شاهيناز ضياء - انا بعشقه


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