Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Beautiful Human Cyrine Abdel Nour Is...

It seems former Lebanese model turned singer turned actress has been attached to a new TV drama and she is getting the word out about her new project. "Limitless" is the name of that project, that has a humanitarian feel. A work of art that imitates life as it is.

Cyrine Abdel Nour is excited about this drama, she awaits the release of the first episode and hoping for good reviews. Drama is about life, the mirror of societies as she said in her presser. The show will expose a number of problems facing the Arab world--where do we begin? Cyrine is staying away from politics. She though state that' politics is a show, it's all play for PR.

The show is about rating, but if it has a message that would get people to think about the grim reality. A reality show may change that....Cyrine will be embedded with various agencies--like the ones who serve refugees, or the police....

سيرين عبد النور : "بلا حدود" إنساني ينقل حقيقة ظنناها موجودة في الأفلام


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