Monday, August 10, 2015

This Week's Top Ten Music Videos (Video)

Rotana just revealed their top ten lists for most popular music videos released by them this week. It's an assorted list for all the best selling pop stars for this week.

  1. Lebanese Fares Karam is resting in the tenth spot
  2. Tunisian Shayma Hilali claimed the 9th spot.
  3. Iraqi Shatha Hassoun is at the 8th position
  4. Lebanese Wael Kfoury is comfortable in the 7th place.
  5. Lebanese Elissa has dibs on the 6th list. She has been on the list foe very long.  
  6. Lebanese Nawaj Karam claimed the fifth spot on the list and she dazzles.
  7. Moroccan Donia Batma is on the fourth place. 
  8. Egyptian Amr Diab is rightfully comes in third place. 
  9. No clue who is in the second idea whatsoever. Aballah?
  10. Egyptian Randa Samaha is crying about something that got her in the first spot. I guess, she beat all the top po stars.
نتائج تصويت وترتيب | TOP10 - هذا الاسبوع


  1. I do not understand what Rotana's problem is. Why can't they provide the titles and artists for their Top 10 lists? Top 10 lists serve two remind people who are already sick of those songs that other people apparently somehow aren't sick of them, and to identify the popular songs that you've heard somewhere and you liked, so you can get your own copy. I guess they're serving the first group here? Personally, I'd have aimed for the second one...