Saturday, August 1, 2015

He is Back! @AbdelKarimhmdan The Arab Idol In A New Single

I was worried that had Mohamed Assaf not win the title for Arab Idol, Syrian Abdelkarim Hamdan was gonna take it home. But for some unknown person the Syrian vocalist was sent him in the final rounds and Assaf went on to win the title. Abdelkarim Hamdan was so talented, so mature that I worried he would be the winner.

Two and a half years years later, we get to hear a new single by Hamdan and it's worthy of this guys's superstar status as one gifted and flexible entertainer. It's such a perfect treat from this quiet singer. The song is full of nostalgia about love tale like very few. It pays to revisit the past and appreciate the enjoyable moments--even if that love never phased out.

The song surpasses five minutes, which is accomplishment for any young artist. Hamdan has a winner, a song feels authentic and real. The song of Aleppo did not want to do politics on Arab Idol, he did not event want to be with or against anyone, he just wanted to sing. But at the time things were tricky. Hamdan does do opera and he also does sing in Turkish as well as Arabic.  He is a student of Arabic literature, he reads for Nizar Qabbani and Mahmoud Darwich. He also does write his own material and do songs in English. Among his idols? Sabah Fakhri, Pavarotti 

عبد الكريم حمدان - وتذكري (حصرياً) | (Abdelkarim Hamdan - Wtzakari (EXSLUSIVE


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