Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Timeless @NawalElZoghbi Sounds So Flirty In @azizelshaf3i Song @BouEidJoe

Nawal El Zoghby has been a star for a long time. Making her one of the smartest pop stars who have transitioned well in the new millennium. She did is by keeping her cool and working with the top-musicians and lyricists. One simple rule seems to work for the Lebanese pop diva is to go rto where the talent is. She does not have politics nor does she have a standard team. It seems she travels to where the trend is.

In Lebanon, she gets the best names and the same goes in Egypt. One recent hit song of hers that will be included in her upcoming album is the one she collaborated with Aziz El Shafei, a composer/singer who even wrote the lyrics for the lead song. It's a flirty song the kind that Nawal does well. I like to think it's a new style that allows Nawal to tab into a new market and a new generation. "Ya Gadaa" is easy to get stuck in one's head and it's so easy to sing along and repeat. That makes a hit instantly.

Her Egyptian is flawless and Aziz does a great job here. This is a different experience for Aziz as the chorus seems to feature some children. Could this song be a love song? Yes, could it be for one's kids? Sure. It's meant to be vague, allowing different people to relate to it. It's a different than songs we have heard in the past from Nawal.

 The yet to be released album will have 11 tracks. We have already heard about three of them and she passed three on three. Ya Gadfaa has already been filmed in Romania with Joe Bou Eid who is known for his use of colors and props that brings out the feminine looks.
Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghby ياجدع - نوال الزغبى


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