Monday, August 10, 2015

The Freind Zone! A Stunning New Song By Nesma Mahgoub @Nesmahgoub

Sure she has a tried and trued opera grade vocal chords. This is Egyptian Nesma Mahgoub prime time, moment under the sun. After a nice and complete image makeover, Nesma Mahgoub is back with a new song that feels so bittersweet. A song about her falling in love with a guy who loves her like he would his sister. In Arabic that translates to the friend zone.

Seriously, the guy who dances like this must not like women. Nesma Mahgoub is content with the current state as long as they are close to one another. Then another girl enters the stage and things get tricky. She pictures herself in her place, not that other girl. So she choses to suffer in silence. Does she keep her distance and let the couple enjoy their life. Jealousy does ruin homes. Nesma Mahgoub shines here and delivers one of her finest songs to date and to be honest I like this new and bold Nesma Mahgoub.

They don't make such emotional deep and complex songs like this anymore. This is a classy song that reminds me of an innocent era. Well-done Nesma, you play a nice piano, you dance like a butterfly and your voice make the Arabic version of Frozen much warmer.

Nesma Mahgoub Hob Ekhwat | نسمة محجوب - حب اخوات


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