Monday, August 17, 2015

Waleed Al Shami Takes A Fresh Approach In - Ana Asli

Iraqi hit-maker Waleed Al Shami is considered one of the busiest musicians in the Khaleej. The composer/singer is always in the studio working on something big. To his credit, he is a very popular guy who keeps people guessing as of what he will do next. He makes tons of music videos, singles and albums. But he also gives new material to other singers he likes to work with.

Waleed is a personal song where he talks a lot about himself in such a simple and down to earth. He says I make mistakes and have guilt but somehow find my way back. "I am for real", "I am authentic" is the title he went with for this song. He also features tons of social media and bookmarking. He shares tons of pictures about him and about other individuals and events.

I like the closeup to his face, he does look good. I hope he is for real, I like what I hear and I want it to be true. More artists ought to do this songs where they are digging deep and giving themselves an assessment of their life. He speaks about being generous, this is great. Another creative thing, the team behind the song were shared toward the end of the song, with their various social media accounts, viewers then were encouraged to follow them.
Waleed Al Shami - Ana Asli - Video Clip | وليد الشامي - أنا أصلي - فيديو كليب


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