Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WATCH This! Hamaki - Agmal Youm At His Best

This is what I call good pop from a real good guy who has all of sudden agreed to be cooler without looking like he is trying too hard. This marks the return of the pre-2011 Hamaki. The one who did different songs only did it better. I felt for the best years he has been doing same club mix crap everyone is doing.

The head song or the lead hit is been on a music video and it's so dancey, so fresh and sounds like a pop song even those who know little or no Arabic can find it neat. He is looking like a star who wants to dominate your summer playlist. He is back to the spot where sweet meets upbeat. I bet many will be happy for him in this track. This is closer to the Western pop music standards, but it is the right shade and in the right dose. Hamaki even manages to squeeze a little bit of him dancing.

The missing is just right on this song, the production value shows some real money. The team who helped Hamaki with this song should take a well-deserved vacation. The talent behind the music video did their job just right. I only this will be kicking around the radio for a long time. It's a party song and it works.

Let's hope the best for the new album.

Hamaki - Agmal Youm / حماقي - أجمل يوم


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