Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Here Are This Week's Top Ten Arabic Songs

Rotana now makes commercials disguised as music videos. The Saudi company has a popular top ten program for their best and finest music videos. they do make fun and more serious songs that feature A list stars from the Arab world and younger talents from Khaleej.
To be sure, there are other hits out there, these are the ones made by Rotana
  1. Egyptian Rana Samaha and her heartache.
  2. Still no idea who is this kid on the second place--he is skinny, goofy and tall.
  3. Egyptian Amr Diab being Amr Diab from thirty years ago
  4. Lebanese Elissa blues
  5. Lebanese Najwa Karam sweet upbeat pop
  6. Lebanese Wael Khoury mobbing
  7. Moroccan Dounia Batma with her flirty persona
  8. Khaleeji Hanan Redha with a girlie romantic song
  9. Lebanese Fares Karam and his playful dance pop
  10. Saudi Ismail Mubarak in his romance
نتائج التصويت وترتيب | Top10 هذا الاسبوع


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