Monday, August 17, 2015

Egypt's Most Serious Rapper @ZAPtharwatAXEER Inspires Youth

The internet in Egypt and many parts of Arabia loves a rapper that goes by the name  Zap Tharwat. He is an indie recording-artist who sells huge concert venues--he still have to get permit from the authorities. But when he is given a venue he packs it all the way.

He is such a great talent who does have his way with lyrics and beats. He is like a street poet for the young people. He is also freaking fit, so it makes sense for him to record music videos for each of his songs. This once he features a local vocalist Salama Gasser who opens up the song about dreaming bit and loving oneself. I like all the cool things recorded for the music video that shows the things youth like to do.

Zap Tharwat has done well for himself and he still live in Egypt, thought he is one of the million frustrated youths. He still manages to hold on to hope and inspire others. The thing you will appreciate about Zap is that he makes broad themes that can be about anything in life. If sports is your thing, then his songs speak to you. If politics is your thing, he will connect with you....and such.     
@AxeerStudio | Zap Tharwat Ft. Salma Gasser - Woshosh | زاب ثروت وسلمى جاسر - وشوش


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