Sunday, August 2, 2015

Trash Man Finds Love With Dounia Batma

Dounia Batma is celebrating the release of one more music video for her. A song with a catchy title and perhaps a fresh beat. Dounia Batma'a love interest is a trash man, a busboy and more. She is also singing for Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait Egypt and Oman. He is a good looking guy for sure. I like some of the looks Dounia Batma appeared in. I must say, she is not one of my favorite persons.

It's a cheesy music video mean for people with a silly mindset and who spend a great time of deal watching soap-operas. Dounia of this month is doing much better the one from few months ago. Now she seems more focused on her music and less with her dramas and distractions.

The title makes one thinks it's a Moroccan song, but in fact the song is Khaleeji. It's meant for a different generation and so far in one week, it surpassed a million view.  She leaves behind Qatar! This is a big slap on the face.    
مزيان واعر ( كليب ) - دنيا بطمه | Maziane Waer ( Clip ) - Dounia Batma


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