Friday, August 7, 2015

Black Theama Grows Up And So Does Their Fan Base @Black_Theama

Black Theama is one amazing act to watch life. the trio vocalists who make up the band are popular among the youth who are seeking alternative music, and the old who want something authentic. The band released a new album few months ago, but unlike their previous albums, I felt the marketing has not kept up and there was little coverage about this new work.

But glad to see the video below by these artists and their band doing a live song is pretty neat as the band spends a great deal of time on the road, so they have perfected their live show. Their song Kebert is about life and about all of us. It's pretty different than your pop songs, it's also different than what Black Theama has done in the past.

The three band members are Amir Salah El-Deen Ahmed Bahr  and Mohamed Abdo proud to be the bridge between the lighter skinned Egyptians and the darker ones with such a distinct music legacy.
Black Theama - Kebert (Live) | بلاك تيما - كبرت - من حفل إصدار الألبوم


  1. LOL, it took me a while to match the melody they're riffing on with the Western classical version! "Lake in the Moonlight" by Tchaikovsky from "Swan Lake."