Wednesday, August 5, 2015

@MalakeSinger Puts Cheating Men To Shame In "Nadman"

I do not like to be mean when I write about music videos and songs. I strive to find something positive in everything. I hate to be negative and crap on people's hard work and on their money. It's unfair to pick one them. Having said that, sometimes, I just do not get it and I would say as much.

Now, this is one of those times, that I am confused as I watch a music video starring Malake....a song about cheating? violence? affairs? Gender equity? I do not know. Sure, there are too many handsome people in this world. Is the song about regrets? There are too many serious topics being explored here and that's too much for one pop song by a new comer from Lebanon.

The song is vocally pleasant. The music video features some naked stud in bed. And a lady dressed to kill. Sure, there's double-standard for genders. But in a society you want to be open, liberal, progressive and it would be hard to maintain loyalist and commitment. So, cheating is not okay not in any culture. But who to say what's okay and what's not. Dancing with another man? Showing a lot of skin? flirting with people left and right?

Malake Nadman Video Clip ملكة ندمان


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