Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Amazing Latifa Does A Music Video For A Cheerful World (Video) @latisol

Iconic Tunisian pop diva Latifa is out with a new promo for an upcoming music video that feels so outdoors perfect. I like the casual feel and the laid back outfit Latifa sports around. She gets to ride on a bike and make it look easy. I asked Roa to watch the promo with me to tell me what she thinks and she was sold. She loved Latifa too. She looks youthful, relaxed and natural. But the song is a winner, we  have heard it in her last album and liked the beat.

We loved the flowers, that drum, and that wedding, the doves and everything else. I think Latifa has a winner here, the music video is about her and about other people, not some model who looks handsome. It's a bout a woman who wants to enjoy life and appreciate the little things like smelling floors. Those butterfly are spectacular...this is music video for those who are happy or those who like to be such.

Latifa - Ya Hayati Teaser 2 | 2 لطيفة - إعلان تشويقي يا حياتي أنا جانبك


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