Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Amazing Muslim Singer Rami Mohamed Weeps Arabia


Rami Mohamed does not seem to be like a guy who likes the actions of the violent military regime in charge of Egypt at the moment. The Muslim singer (Monshid) lives in Turkey now, away from his motherland because he could to be free to think and yes he might be targeted like tens thousands. So when he is free to think, he makes pretty awesome tracks.

So the droves of young conservative Muslims adore this star and propel him to be one of the most viewed singers in his genre. I like the quite rage in his voice. He shows images from Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and few more places. His heart is bleeding for the atrocities he sees around him. So he is appealing to the conscious on those people who are not dead in the inside.

I like it the song as it talks about justice and doing the right thing. No one disagrees of the size of mayhem we see in today's world. Rami is only singing about it and he is almost sobbing at this point. The world has failed a people who wanted freedom and wanted to be equal citizens. The world likes to deal with leaders who can deliver long-term stability in exchange for a little short-term chaos. But for families grieving their family members is no short-term affair. Rami comes from a good place and he loves all the things we love. His voice is so pure and so strong, it's like he tickles the listener emotions

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