Saturday, August 8, 2015

Folklore! The UAE Most Manly Dance "Yola" or "Yula"

Call is, Yola or Yula dance, the most famous traditional dance from the United Arab Emirates, this is one of many danced celebrated in the local are some footage of the dance, a manlly dance where traditional it involved a gun, a fun group of men who like to do some moves with their hands at it looks like juggling....

Swords, machine guns, and luckily now they have props and fake weapon seems like a fun traditional dance standing in a stunning fashion with the drums. This s a popular dance, but due to a recent win by the ruler of Dubai where his horse "African Story" took home the in celebration prince Moe danced Yola

محمد بن راشد يتسلم كأس فوز "افريكان ستوري" لجودولفين ببطولة العالم للخيل

رقصة اليولة | فن شعبي إماراتي أصيل

رقص اليوله - دبي مول


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