Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Enamored Toni Qattan Lands The Love Of His Life @ToniQattan

Toni Qattan has built himself a comfortable career in pop music--he is a fixture of Jordanian and Palestinian concerts. And sometimes he lands a gig in the Khaleej and things are good. The charismatic young singer also composed most of his songs, he is a songwriter too.

We like him because we almost lost him few years ago when he had trouble with his liver. Now he seems to be back in full-speed as he is spending a great deal of the music video running to make it to his date. He is certainly a charming voice and the dialect he uses allows him access markets in the Lavent, Iraq and Khaleej.

He is enamored here and has found happiness with this lady. He would fight for his lady and wants her family to know his intentions--he wants her to be his life partner.
طوني قطان - مغروم | Toni Qattan - Maghroum


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