Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Revolution "Coup" In #Syria Gets Another Song

She is their biggest cheerleader, and she made her stands known to the masses, then she toned it down a bit. Now she returns with a cover of an old Oum Kalthoum song in favor of revolutions. Keep on mind, the original song was performed by the legendary Egyptian songstress who has also sang for the king before he lost power and the army took over.

Assala is a super star and she has the high for the octave and whatever comes below it. She has what it takes to rock concert halls. She did not have to support the revolution in Syria, but she did and she paid dearly for that. Now comes a more intimate song by her where she sings with no music and noticeable lack of makeup.

"Revolutionaries" is the title of that song and as a song Assala knock it out of the park....I do not get the politics of the Syrian revolution, I know this murder and thugs in Syria have to be stopped.

أصاله تغني للثورة السورية .. أغنية أم كلثوم " ثوار "


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