Friday, August 21, 2015

Blood, Gore And Love By Ammar Hassan #Palestine #GazaUnderAttacks

This is the season for "I Love Palestine" songs. Since not many non-Palestinians are doing these songs anymore, the sons of Palestine step in. Ammar Hassan the Super Star runner up stands and delivers a love song for Palestine. He thinks about Palestine and it's his love, he looks the part, and carries a gun.

This is a resistance song, camping meets war, he actually make war seem fun--it's not that gore is real. I have been watching bloody images from Palestine--some of them are too graphic, so I think more of these done in the name of entertainment are out of line. I like Ammar, he is a true gem in Palestinian pop. He means well, but whoever directed him here has not seen war up close and personal.

This is about death, love and unfinished lives. I just think people who have seen blood and death this close, will not want to go through it again.

Ammar Hasan - Shahid el Hob / عمار حسن - شهيد الحب


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