Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lebanese Trash And Stinky Politicians In Music

Lebanese trash is causing a political turmoil. It took a garbage crisis for Lebanon to finally snap.
Anger about the heaps of trash accumulating in Beirut's streets boiled over this week with thousands protesting in the street against a government so dysfunctional it can't hold elections or pick a president, much less deliver basic services.

But since this is Lebanon a land of a million artist, a million fashionista and a million more savvy business person, they are making songs to celebrate this stinky mess. I have come across two songs one by Aly Barkat and another by Shady Farah. They essentially say the same thing.

People of Lebanon deserve better from their country and from their crook politicians. Leave the people, leave the offices and leave the republic alone. And the security forces did have a tough stand and beat up people in the streets. Not very smart, you do that and you fuel the demonstrations. The songs offer us some humor in this crisis.
طلعت ريحتكن| اغنية | علي بركات | Tol3it Ri7etkoun | MusicNation
شادي فرح - طلعت ريحتكن shady farah - tol3it rihetkon


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