Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lebanon's Hottest Restaurant @RestaurantLoris Releases Its Most Adorable Song @JeanMarieRiachi

Loris sounds like a cool name, While enjoying a late night conversation with a good friend (Hassan from UTN1) He wanted me to see a new song from an up and coming Lebanese vocalist and guitar player that goes by the name Taym. Hassan did play the song and I fell in love with it. Many folks know that I am a fan of the music and production of  Jean-Marie Riachi, so he promised I would like it and I did.

The song is adorable, it's a simple love story (boy meets girl tale) told in incredible animation. There is suspense in the story as one wants to know what happens next. Loris is the name of the lady and also the name of the eatery where the story takes place. I like how fresh the concept is but the story is made better by the voice of Taym. The song sounds like an indie alternative Arabic pop song. I like it and I know that it has a high production value.

It turns out that Loris the restaurant /Cafe is an actual place that you can eat--it's located on a posh corner (Gemayze) in the Lebanese capital. I will make sure to visit there next time I visit Beirut not to meet Loris (I have already met my Loris) but to enjoy the restaurant's take on classical Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish dishes. The celebrated  Jean Marie Riachi is involved with the restaurant on some capacity.  



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