Monday, August 3, 2015

The Most Outdoorsy Arabic Music Video By Sherif Naser

Get ready, there's a new Egyptian star who wants to make godly music. I love the bike in the music video, the tour around town and in nature. Will he ever sing? Wait he is about enter a store....and when will he start singing....he just did. Sherif Naser is that name you should know, he likes to climb mountains.

a worship sing from a guy who likes to look sharp in casual talking in nature. I like his voice, the material is good. This is the kind of songs Egypt can agree on now, praise the lord. He is not short on quality talent, but he chose to release a song about the almighty. He is a biker, and wears a hamlet. No clue where they filmed, but it's a place I would like to see. Fishing and camping, not too many Arab stars made that kind of music video....solitude.

The drumming bit is pretty rad, but it does not climax.

Sherif Naser - Esmak Maktoub / شريف ناصر - أسمك مكتوب


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