Monday, August 17, 2015

Balkis Ahmed The Yemni Life of the Party!

Many of the great voices in Saudi Arabia came from Yemen. Belkis Ahmed is no different. She is the coolest pop star in the Gulf region and she rules on the social media where she shows the real person, a proud women with a lot of smart things to say. I know I like her voice and style, she is so young yet so talented.

She is a stable of concerts and music festivals. And her exotic look speaks volumes of the good looks to be found in Yemen where Africa, meets Arabia, meets Asia....creating a beautiful population despite the harsh lifestyle

Belkis has a very sweet tangy voice that can bring you to tears if the lyrics are right. She has moves and a style that creates jealousy. I know she has a good advisor in her composer father, but her image is something that allows her to make music videos and stun people with the different looks she can pull. Here's one of her live performances for the ages.

بلقيس - بسك عناد


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