Monday, August 10, 2015

Songstress Shiraz @ShirazLb Dominates Lebanese Music Chart @LifeStylezst (Video)

Shiraz, I just like to say the name. And now we get to this this Lebanese songstress in as big budget music video that is somehow refreshing. I love how the song kicks off. Her new song "Kif Badak 3ani Tghib"  starts like a battle scene does. And wait for it, there is a real battle brewing. Battle of the sexes. Or is it dance battle? Still cool!

Two minutes later into the music video and we hear Shiraz sing it. The song is about not wanting to be apart from the one you love. No shame in that, I like the sets, the amazing images captured by Fadi Haddad. I like the song, Shiraz sounds just about right.

The song sounds a lot like many in Eastern European tradition. The song has already claimed the number one spot on many Lebanese radio hits and charts. Not too many new comers get to do that especially not in a very crowded music scene in a place like Lebanon. I think the music has a lot to do with it, and the production yes. But Shiraz is her own star and people are helpless against young, beautiful, talented, stylish and convincing women.     
شيراز | كيف بدك عني تغيب | (Shiraz | Kif Badak 3ani Tghib (Music Video


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