Friday, August 28, 2015

Ozaina El-Ali , A Very Sad Syrian Man

This guy is the saddest man, you will ever meet. Or it might be that he enjoys the feeling one gets when they have been wronged. I only say that because in all his songs he seems to get screwed when he has been nothing but nice. I know certain people enjoy the victim and guy on the cross. He is Syrian singer Odeina from the city of Lathikia where is father is a physician and an art critic. Odiena composes music, singers and writes lyrics, he has been in the business since the late 90s, he does have many fans at home and abroad. I know songs like his strike all the right notes with the young and the frustrated. He has made it big in Jordan as well as with expats.

In very short time, Odeina has met a lot of success with his fans. It helps that he is working full-time on music and he always releases new tracks. The guy has the voice and the flavor to make it in this very crowded music scene.

أذينة العلي - سر مخبى | 2013 | Ozaina El-Ali - Ser Mkhba


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