Monday, August 24, 2015

Ehab Abdel Wahed = The Attorney Who Is The Hottest Composer

Ehab Abdel Wahed went to school to become a lawyer, but he has yet to make money in the legal field. But Ehad did make a name for himself and has become one of those A list celebrities who pals around with all these famous singers. Why? Because Ehab is a creative music composer whose work has been sung by names like Angham, Asalah, Hossam Habib, Mohammad Hemaki and few others. He has some a wonderful job working with Sherine on all songs form her breakout role in that celebrated Ramadan drama.

Ehab is also in a band where he rocks out with few other musicians, they call themselves ""Basata". He is one hell of hot composer and his guitar works like magic. Ehab is just starting out and he has gone to do big things...but I feel there is a lot within him that this world has to meet. But the star that had the first honor of working with Ehab the composer was Angham in that January song about the revolution (what revolution?!)

حسام حبيب - عديها

 \\اصاله - حسام حبيب - ايهاب عبد الواحد / سابني

أصالة &; فرقة بساطة - كداب


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