Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Brilliant Iraqi Song By UTN1 Is A Crowd-pleaser @HASSAN_UTN1 @UTN1_Band

The sweet thing about UTN1 as a band is that they are well-versed in Iraqi music. While they make their earth-shattering original songs that travel far and long, they pay homage to other gifted musicians from their motherland. The band takes the music from Iraq seriously and makes sure to perform along side Iraqi music icons.  

The music is Ismail Farwji and the song is an original from another Iraqi hit-maker Adel Okla. I know that UNT1 has performed with both artists here in the States. This time, they get to collaborate with both at once. Here's a new cover by the decent human beings and artists who make up UTN1 band. A song where they breath a new life into a lovable hit. Bringing an classic into anew era with new instruments. But unlike many artists, they band gave credit where credit is due.

A song about uncertainly of what comes next, will the days change us or will they change our love? No one knows, and the song speaks about just that, let's stay together as love grows with time. The song is about keeping up promises to those who smile and those who make us perfect. The music is pretty catchy and invites more people to tune in in this speed-obsessed generation. What works is that the band has at least three vocalist whose collective voices speak to different tastes, allowing them to cater to more listeners.

In other news, UTN1 will perform at a beauty pageant for Arab-Americans in the coming weeks, I hope more people see them live and come to appreciate their talent, their class and their richness of Iraqi music.    
Edi 3ala Galbi-UTN1/ايدي على قلبي - يو تي ان وان


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