Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Layla Iskandar Knows The Art of Staying Successful

We have interviewed Layla Iskandar, the young pop sensation who had the privilege to support United Nations campaign for immunodeficiency virus.

With her love for music, attitude, and dedication it becomes an easy guess that she is going to be a mega music star. She has stolen hearts of millions with her sultry and sexier looks in her video Al Ghabi.

Lebanon is known for producing talents such as Fairuz, Nancy Ajram and many more. Layla Iskandar is one of the upcoming and more loved artists. She proved her legacy back in 2002 at Studio El Fan. Layla faced tough times and was even played into a fight on a reality show and had to go through some serious health issues.

But Layla Louis Iskandar showed her true spirits and made so strong come back in 2010 that the critics were left completely stunned. She is now becoming one of the most popular female singers in the Arab world.

With her strong will, she has managed to produce revolutionary songs such as Ghabi. She transformed herself so much that the viewers themselves did not believe how a chubby looking girl toned herself into such an extraordinarily sexy shape.

For full interview, visit this link

For full interview, visit this link


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