Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meet The Turkish Lady Making Music For Nawal El Zoghbi @YildizzTilbee

Lebanese golden pop girl Nawal El Zoghbi is about to release a hit album--her first since 2010. It will be good and it should be worthy of such a starlet. There will be big names attached to the album and a wide range of styles and dialects.

One surprise is that Nawal is getting a music from a Turkish musician. The Turkish talent is Yıldız Tilbe who is a well-known Turkish pop folk singer and one of the best selling musical artists in Turkey. Tilbe is mostly known especially for her eastern-infused ballads. I mean this is a hit-maker whose many of her songs have been performed by her in addition to her work with other artists.

Not sure how this connection happened, but I cannot wait to see its fruit. Nawal's new album will have a song composed by Tilbe--the same song was performed by a Turkish artist a while back. sem like a cool song that fits the Arab taste. I like how upbeat it comes across. I love Turkey and appreciate this collaboration.
Ebru Gündeş - Seninle Çok İşim Var


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