Saturday, August 8, 2015

Walid Toufic Promises A New Song For Tripoli

The boy toy of the 80s Walid Toufic has just given an interview in Lebanon. The aging rock star is still standing and enjoying being the big name and pop legend he has become. As a singer, he has not done something memorable for more than a decade, we still love him.

Walid Toufic is good for it, he is doing a special song to the north of Lebanon--an area that has been facing many challenges. We like this one hit-maker and he is still looking good and natural, I love to see him judge one of these singing shows--The Voice?

I like how he says good things about others, and he specially the young pop stars, he is not trying to destroy them as rivals, but build them up as talents compatriots. He is upbeat and he is honest about what worked for him and his time--now it's difficult.
وليد توفيق| كليب واغنية جديدة لطرابلس |Walid Toufic


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