Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reham Abd Elhakim New Album Soars

Not every famous singer is any a good and not every good singer is famous. This is the thought that crossed my mind as I am listening to the new tracks on the new album released for the super talented Reham Abd Elhakim. When it comes to strong vocals and sincere emotions, you have a friend in Reham Abd Elhakim, she is a diva, a graduate of the house of opera. And certainly not every opera singer is well-known. But Mazzika is hoping to change things up when they signed a lady who can sing and has her followers.

I consider myself one of her fans, I like how she manipulates her voice and channels her emotions to cut through you like a knife to butter. It will take some work to get the name out there, but once you give her a chance, you are an instant fan. Mazzika and its mangers believe in Reham and her talent, they also like to help home-grown Egyptian singers.

So the first thing they did, they released a music video for Reham, I believe this is her first official music video. And few weeks later came the album. They spiced her up, gave her a makeover and lead with a happy song that feels romantic. While she is known for more dramatic songs that talk about live and sour love, this time it was a happier and more upbeat Reham.

01 - Aysha Hekaya
02 - Senario Wahed
03 - Mesh Wakhed Balo
04 - Dayman Ana Bansa
05 - Tekhlas Bel Etab
06 - Hatehes Be Emty
07 - Eyak Eyak
08 - Ehsasy
09 - Hassa Maak
10 - Ahla Hedeya

Dayman Ana Bansa - Reham Abd Elhakim دايماً أنا - ذكريات - ريهام عبد الحكيم

Ahla Hedeya - Reham Abd Elhakim احلى هدية - ريهام عبد الحكيم


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