Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Original Nawal El Zoghby Goes Big In ‪#‎MeshMesamha 2015 Album

The golden Lebanese pop diva Nawal El Zoghby is releasing her latest album in few days. This shall be her first album since her amazing 2011 album. Yes that was more than four years ago, but this time Nawal is back with a big production company--Mazzika through Alam El Phan. This seems like a decent album from a lady whose voice is something many of us have grew up with.

Rest assured that the album will have songs in at least three dialects with focus on both Lebanese and Egyptian dialects. This is a variety album by a versatile diva who knows what makes a hit. Yes, all ingredients of this album have been baked to perfection by all the hot names that have worked on it. I think this is a good album that will usher in a new season for Nawal.

The album starts off strong, even the title has a fighting words "I have not forgiven" "Unforgiving" it works for Nawal because she had a bitter divorce five years ago form the father of her children and producer--he is a jerk. The teaser for the album's songs promises a lot of pop and a hint of Tarab. Nawal just does it better. The Lebanese songstress has transitioned well into the new era and refused to be upstaged by much younger pop stars. In fairness, she still has a lot of rock and roll in her.   
Mesh Mesamha album Soon - Nawal El Zoghby مش مسامحة البوم قريبا - نوال الزغبى

Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghby ياجدع - نوال الزغبى


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