Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's Spring Time On Planet Latifa (And It's All Good!) @latisol

Spring might v\be over but not in the world of Tunisian diva Latifa. She just released a new music video where love is in the air. The charismatic songstress seems to be filled with energy and joy for her new music video. She has a bike and there are lots of flowers.

It's a simple plot with what appears to be a one location. There is a food good thing about this song, it's a bout someone who realizes life is too short and wants to worry less, do more and enjoy more. It's cute and  the right dose of cheer. No guy model allows the song to focus on Latifa and her spring time persona.  

Not even the new and young pop stars can pull a cute spring time music video, Latifa did that once before with that Nizar Qabbani song (Taloomony) And that was more than 15 years ago. So doing a music video with a similar feel but more casual lyrics still works.

Latifa - Ya Hayati [Official Video] | لطيفة - يا حياتي أنا جانبك

لطيفة - تلومني الدنيا | Latifa - Taloomoni Al Donya


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