Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ismail Mubarak, The Good Sweet Boy Of Khaleeji Music @ismaeel_mubarak

Ismail Mubarak is a raising Saudi singer who performs under the Rotana music label. He happens of be one of my all-time favorite young artists from Khaleej. He is a romantic singer who sings his heart out and best yet his Arabic is accessible and music is friendly to the ear. Too many artists in that corner of Arabia make just noise and loosely assembled lyrics or rich lyrics and music that puts one's ears to sleep.

Ismail Mubarak is not the first singer to find the balance. At least in the song below "Keda Al Donya ", I am sold on him and appreciate his talent. One telling incident that made me appreciate him, is in Kuwait when he had a big concert planned accompanied by a live orchestra in 2014. When the promoter asked him to do away with the live orchestra and lip sync instead--as not to sing live. Ismail who respects his fans refused and canceled. He would not want to do a lame show, he likes to give people a show, not act as if he is singing.  
Ismail Mubarak ... Keda Al Donya - Video Clip | اسماعيل مبارك ... كده الدنيا - فيديو كليب


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