Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Voice Rym Mahrat "Wow!" Song @ReemMehrat

Syrian vocalist Rym Mahrst from her fame on the MBC Produced The Voice returns with a new single. Wow....dear sweet God, this is such a flawless song from a lady that I knew little about. I should not be surprised maybe because Syria has the world's best Arab vocalists. Rym was on team Assi Hallani and the experience has allowed her to get close to the music industry. Rym sounds very good. It's not about a strong voice with her, it's about character, and sounding authentic.

While she does look young, her voice makes her sound like someone who has lived in the golden era of Arabic music. Perhaps, she owns a time machine that she puts to good use. For me, it's her emotional depth and complexity that drew me to her. Also, if she wants, she can make her voice sound like that of the legendary George Wassouf (Watch here)

Rym is great, she is one ore great artist hailing from the enchanting city of Damascus. I wish her well and hope one day I will see her perform live in a free and a united Syria.

اغنية ريم مهرات - عقرب حبك 2015 | النسخة الاصلية


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