Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Cute Feminist Song By Mai Selim and Hamdy Batshan Lands @Mai_Selim

Mai Selim wanted to do a retro song and build a bridge to the past. Since Egypt is her adopted home, Mai went back to bring an old pop star from retirement, she went with Hamdy Batshan, the singer who had a hit Sha'abi album before many of you out there were born.

This was an odd pairing, but Mai wanted to break new grounds and earn new fans, so she went with the folksy wisdom and street smart lingo. It's a dialogue song between a princess and a guy who is not short on confidence. She explicitly tells him not to harass her and make advances toward her. Mai puts him in his place.

Mai sounds cute and Hamdy does a good job portraying the street guy who fell in love with a lady who is certainly out of his league. Not sure about the age difference between the two artists, but she does call him "uncle' as to show he is elderly.

This will be a good song, maybe not the massive summer hit, but a song that will be good enough to be everywhere, but may not stick around. Egyptians are known for their sense of humor and their willing to flirt. This song puts that on display and it allows Mai to wear a different hat and play the Egyptian ghetto queen. The song will please the feminists as you find an older man proposing to a much younger lady. She turned him down.
Battal Tiaakisny - Mai Selim Ft Hamdy Batshan بطل تعاكسنى - مى سليم وحمدى باتشان


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