Friday, July 31, 2015

@medomounib Presents Star Academy @Noormofficial New Single

Star Academy does not stop being the gift that keeps on giving. So many young artists have appeared on this program, so many stars were made and so many were forgotten. A few though have made it and have already established thriving careers in the entertainment biz.

Here's Nour Mohamed, also appeared on the program, what has yet to be answered, will she mange to hold tight and hang in there? Nour is young, cute, cheeky, and hip, so she has what helps with marketing. The vocal performance is good, not meant for awards and Tarab songs (it may) So she is ready to be a star from the looks for her new music video. I like her style and her simplicity, social media does make an appearance in her music video. So let the games begin and let the conversation begins.  

Ewe production & Medo Mounib's Pause production stand behind this track for the young artist. The single is included on the Hits 9 album alongside many singles by young and bright singers. I must confess Nour is doing all the right things in Egyptian pop. I like how running out of battery can cause one to lose many things. 
Nour -Talba Ma3aya l نور - طالبه معايا


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