Sunday, July 5, 2015

This Anti-Song Song Is Hilarious--Thanks #Egypt

A trio of Egyptian friends who have collaborated on a number of box-office darling films released a TV comedy last Ramadan and one of the things she did right was take a stab at music videos and songs that are becoming too much or too lame. Here's one of their songs poking fun of Sh'abi songs with the many ladies they use as props, this time they did an Alexandria song.

They do it in good humor, but the offenders know themselves. Too many people dancing on screen wearing strange outfits and one thing is missing--good art expressed by real talanet.

اغنية عصفور الجنينة - ستات كتير | من مسلسل الرجل العناب

كليب شاجي وعصفور الجنينه | Asfour Gnena Ft. Shagy - مسلسل الرجل العناب


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