Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Iskandar Father / Son Release A Sweet Surprise!

Your favorite rock star might be your dad's age or maybe the age of your grandfather if you are younger than me. His name is Mohamd Iskandar who just released a flirty song for this season. While his last songs were about life and plastic surgeries....and there was humor. The new releases tries a different route.

Sure Mohamd Iskandar got those lyrics written by his own song who seems to be the only one writing for his old man. Together, the duo just made a hit song that's actually sweet and personal and maybe not as chauvinistic as their past few hits. Not sure about the beat, it feels simplified and not as upbeat as we have come to expect from an Iskandar household hit.

The title of the song gives it away, the first lady is the title and the lyrcis do make a woman feel like she is the first lady in her lovers' eyes.
Lyrics and Music By: Fares Iskandar
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Mixed and Mastered By: Mohammad Al Mak hoor

Mohamad Iskandar - Al Sayida Al Oula [Audio] (2015) / محمد اسكندر - السيدة الأولة


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