Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Self-Made 20 Something @M0hamedAref Keeps Making Beautiful Music

Young and sweet Egyptian singer Mohamed Aref does not need a million dollar contract to sing or to release excellent pop songs. He is happy to do it from the love of the game. This boy from Alexandria has been making a name for himself on the social media and has been getting all the right attention from the fans who come to appreciate his craft.

Few years I go, I started writing about Mohamed Aref and his new singles and every time I was impressed by his voice and choices. He credits his success and name recognition to YouTube where all his songs are to be found and enjoyed.

Aside from music, he is a student of hotel and tourism and he is only 20 years old. He also credits his mom for discovering him. At age 15 he took on singing in local clubs and parties and has even appeared on some ads. He would not sing his first song until he turned 16, he composed the music and the lyrics for his debut song. He looks up to Wael Jassar, Ahmed Saad, and to Amr Diab, but Aref maintains he is his own star and copies no one.

Mohamed Aref - Kan 3'sb 3no l محمد عارف - كان غصب عنه

Lyrics : Ahmed El-Rawi
Composer : Mohamed Aref
Arranger : Karim Bidak


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