Thursday, July 23, 2015

Basata Band And Asalah Go Well Together #تساهيل

There's a top of the box office film in Egypt today "Wilad Rizik" a movie about gambling, thugs, crimes, family and friendship with four top actors in Egypt's cinema. the movies seems to have a well-crafted plot and a solid cast.

So to market this big film, the theme song had to be good. Such songs get used as a marketing tool when the song plays with videos from the actual film. The sweet kicker? the song pairs one local indie band in Egypt Basata Band with a Syria vocalist diva Asalah and the magic beings.

While Asala did sing with other indie bands in the past, she did so live  ten years ago. This time, her song is pretty neat and the band gives her great support allowing for the song to be great in the vocal department and cool in the hip elements. I like the lyrics about life and the choices we made in life. Enjoy this amazing vocal pairing, and I am happy to have learned about Basata.

This Cairo-based band injects some flavors and local character into the song as Asalah owns the vocal showdown and sings those street-smart lyrics yet inspiring.
حصريا | أصالة وبساطة باند - أغنية تساهيل من فيلم ولاد رزق


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