Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Egyptian Will Smith Releases A New Action Movie (Trailer)

All Arab guys seem to like this actor for his tough guy roles he often plays. Egyptian actor and bad boy Mohamed Ramadan returns for the Eid movie season with a new blockbuster where he is playing a cop and blowing stuff up. If you have a minute check his Facebook pictures to know all about his muscles and his big heart.

When Ramadan started acting, he did amazing roles and reminded so many of the the late actor Ahmed Zaki. but somewhere along the way Ramadan started worrying about doing movies that make profit and somehow, he has always ended playing the thug, criminal, security guard or now police officer. Though he did play a number of comedic roles, but mostly he likes to blow stuff up.

Ramadan made so much money for his producer Al Sobki family that essentially do whatever he wants. The new film "Shad Agza2" seems to be his biggest budget to date, and you can see he has gotten in the best shape of his life for the role. I think this film will do well.

الاعلان الرسمى " فيلم شد اجزاء " محمد رمضان " فيلم عيد الفطر 2015 [Shad Agza2 Trailer ]


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